Unicorn "Hatching Eggs" Hatching unicorns

Artnr.: Z885160

multicolour, plastic and plaster

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multicolour, plastic and plaster

 Product Detail: Unicorn "Hatching Eggs" 

  • Size: Egg 6x4,5cm Unicorn 4,5cm 
  • Material: plastic and plaster 
  • Colour: multicolour 
  • Fuction: place the egg into room temp. water. After 24-48 the egg starts to crack, when the egg is completly cracked, leave the unicorn in the water for 5-8 days until it has grown to its full size
  • Details: 6  different unicorns ( can not choose which colour you want)
  • Comes in a gift box  

Size:  Width 4,5 cm; Height 6,0 cm;

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