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Travolta & Jackson - guns (b&w)

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Travolta & Jackson - guns (b&w)

Poster showing Vincent Vega (John Travolta) and Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson) from the Pulp Fiction movie.

Size:  Width 140,0 cm; Height 100,0 cm;

  • , - 18.08.2012
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    I *thought* there was something msising from your store (most notably the Atari poster as, for the most part, with Daft Punk, while I *do* like them, I can also take them or leave them) I am a bit disappointed, though, that both entities were/are far too self-important and/or caught-up in the legal bullshit to let you use the name(s) on your posters. They missed the opportunity to have themselves associated with an artist whose work is far more interesting than anything either one of them have done in years

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