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You like street art? Then Banksy should be well known to you. With his stencil graffiti, Banksy operates a kind of guerrilla tactic and information warfare. The operating anonymous street artist places his works without permission not only on walls in cities around the world, but also in museums. Banksy's motives are often composed of well-known works such as the Mona Lisa with rocket launchers together.  The graffiti uses its  surroundings  to give it a sculptural effect.

The following famous works of Banksy is available as  posters here in our shop.
  • Girl with Red Ballon 
  • Throwing Flowers
  • Soldat und Mädchen 
  • Graffiti Sweeping Under Wall 
  • Jules & Vincent Banana
  • Graffiti Girl Sliding Bubbles 
  • Graffiti Tesco Flag Poster Stan Kujawa Art Attack 
  • We are You